Back at the end of 2017 Disney announced they would be temporarily closing the Pirates of the Caribbean ride in Disney world in early 2018 would under go some changes. Most notably the ‘Red Head scene’. To a lot of people this was no big deal but amongst the Disney community the decision was met with a lot of mixed reviews. Some people were happy and excited to see change and others were a lot more reluctant about the change. Some people thought it was a smart move on Disney’s part to make the scene more politically correct for this day an age where as other people petitioned for the refurbishment not to go ahead.

I recently got to go on the new updated version of Pirates and thought I would share my thoughts on the whole thing.

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The scene is quite different from the original story line as in the original, the pirates are auctioning off wenches in which they have captured. The ‘wench’ at the front , also known as the Redhead , is at the front of a line of women being auctioned. You then hear the pirates shouting for her saying “we’s wants the redhead.” She has become a staple character on the ride which is why most people were sad to see her go.

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I love the new scene and think it fits in really well to the rest of the ride. The new scene consists of the now redhead pirate help auction off captured rich people with all their belongings. I also love that Disney recycled an old animatronic off one of my favourite rides at Disney. The new Redhead pirate is non other than Jane from the Tarzan scene on ‘The Great Movie Ride’. I think it was a smart idea for Disney to make this change although I have to admit I wasn’t happy when I first heard about the idea of changing pirates but now seeing what they have done I am pretty happy with it. I love how it also shows a strong female character instead of a wench.

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One thought on “Redhead

  1. I really enjoyed reading about this. Personally, I think that pirates doesn’t look good anymore, as there is a big gap where the mermaid used to be, and the red head looks older than she should, but i enjoyed reading this.

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