Miz Bambi

With drag culture on the rise due to the likes of shows such as Ru Pauls Drag Races and Dragula , drag queens are becoming more social accepted. One of the newer drag queens I have come across is Miz Bambi who is a 22 year old queen from Essex, UK. She kindly allowed me to ask her some questions.

Miz Bambi

When did you first come across Drag Culture?

God I don’t remember, I was quite young and some use to perform at holiday camps and stuff like that. I loved seeing them perform and admire their passion.

So how long have you been doing drag now?

2 months now 🙂

Is there anyone who inspired you to start drag? Or who inspired your drag style?

I’d have to say Miz Cracker and Kameron Michaels, I actually learned how to do make up through Kameron Michaels tutorials.

Wow that’s so cool! The name you go by ( Miz Bambi ) where did that come from?

Miz Bambie, it was part inspired by Miz Cracker… well the Miz part. Then bambi part came from a childhood nickname because of my shyness. I also liked the irony of the fact that at the beginning of the film Bambi looks female but you quickly learn he’s actually a boy, I relate to that so much.

Aha love it! You mentioned Miz Cracker and Kameron Michaels, I’m assuming your a drag race fan?

I adore drag race. I love how it has helped more drag queens feel less afraid to express themselves and helped the world come to love and accept our art.


It has defiantly brought drag culture into the mainstream culture in a positive way. There have been rumours going around for a while about a Drag Race UK. what are your thoughts on this? If it were to happen would you consider applying?

I think it would be amazing to have  Drag Race UK because I feel our country is still not very accepting of drag culture, in fact I don’t think our country is accepting of anything remotely LGBTQ+ related. I feel it would give UK queens a chance to shine, but to be honest I wouldn’t apply. Drag isn’t about competition or being the best to me. I just want to do drag because I love it and because it makes me happy. I don’t want fame, I just want to do what I love and meet amazing people and build my chosen family along the way.

Do you go out and perform in drag?

No but I really want to but I feel the drag culture in the UK is a bit, not so much exclusive but more tight knit. A lot of queens who perform in the UK are either flying solo or working alongside groups they have known forever and there’s not many places that would accept our art.

That’s a shame , hopefully in more time it can become just as big and accepted over here as it is in the USA.  Is there any drag queen you would love to perform with?

I truly hope so because drag is one of the most liberating art forms, not just to be part of but to watch to! I would love love love to work with Bianca Del Rio, but that’s an impossible dream of mine, but in terms of UK talent, he isn’t a drag queen as such but I would love to perform with Santi Storm. I adore him and his aesthetic and mine combined I believe could be a killer combo.


Hopefully we will get to see that happen one day. Have you ever been out in public in drag? If so what were the reactions of people like?

Yes I’ve been out twice in drag. Once to the Klub Kids monster ball and once to go meet

Bianca Del Rio herself! Both times I had mixed responses. A lot of good and a lot of bad.


It is such a shame that people cant be accepted for being themselves still.  There is this common conception that drag is very expensive, would you agree with this?

F**k yes! Every penny I earned gets funnelled into drag. Wigs, make-up, clothing. It all adds up but to me its worth it because drag sets me free. When I say I owe my life to Miz Bambi im not kidding.

Since doing drag have you had any memorable moments ?

Meeting Bianca has defiantly been the most memorable and she has been such a sweetie to me ever since. I have way too much love for her.

Agh im so jealous , I love her! Drag World tickets recently went on sale, are you planning on attending?

Yes I will be! I plan on purchasing my ticket the minute I get paid.

Is there anyone in particular you are hoping attends?

Well obviously Bianca but I doubt that would happen but I’d love for Katya to be there like she was last year because I would lovvveeee to meet her.

She’s hilarious! So since coming out as a drag queen how has the support been?

My mum hates it but my friends have loved it because since coming out as a drag queen I also came out as being transgender to them so they finally got to see the real me.


Wow congratulations! so my final question to you is what advice would you have for someone who wanted to start drag but were unsure on how to or what people would think

Drag is a mother f***in marathon. It ain’t as easy as people think it is. But don’t let one set back stop you from perusing it. There is always room and time for growth. Watch the seasoned queens and learn well. Watch as many make-up tutorials as you can, experiment, don’t think you have to fit one set look! and most importantly just be yourself and have fun. 

Amazing answer, thank you so much.

Make sure you go check out Miz Bambi on twitter and instagram





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