Olympia Avalanche

Olympia Avalanche is one half of the British drag dynamic duo ‘ Novympia ‘ which also features Nova. The two of them have a very popular YouTube channel in which they post skits, reviews , live performances and more.  Olympia was kind enough to answer some questions.


When did you first come across drag culture? Did you know as soon as you discovered it that it was something you were meant to do?

Right so my VHS copy of Mrs Doubtfire was completely destroyed I watched it every second I could (I’m counting that as drag culture, how dare you). That was my first introduction to dressing like a chick and figuring out different characters and it shaped my interest in img_2894accents and being a hefty woman. I always lapped up the opportunity to do impressions at Christmas parties so I guess I always knew I wanted to make people laugh but the drag idea didn’t really click into place fully until I saw an episode of Drag Race back when they aired it on E4.

So how many years have you been doing drag now?

I’ve been actively doing drag for about 6 years even though I was dressing like Cher when I was about 4.

Have you and Nova always been friends ? How did the dynamic drag duo come about?

So Nova and I met in a club in 2012 and we started seeing each other pretty quickly. I got her to dabble in drag for Halloween then it became pretty obvious that she wanted to pursue it as well so she moved in with me a few months later and we started a YouTube channel/acting a damn fool.

Where did you get your name from?img_2898

I wrote a script when I was a teenager (it was shite) and looked up girls names on a baby names website for this character and Olympia stuck out to me (I don’t know why it’s not great). I then started drunkenly teasing the fact that I was a drag queen to people in a bar and when they asked my name it was the only name that came to mind. I wanted to call Nova ‘Eva Lanche’ I thought it sounded badass but she hated it so I just stole the word for my surname.

What inspired you and Nova to start a YouTube channel ( I love it so much by the way 🙂 )

I worked in a shoe shop at the time and had started taking notes for jokes based on the ridiculous shit that would happen to me there. I put them into a vlog which became a series and World of Wonder thought we would make good YouTube partners so we decided to take it all from there.

Ive seen from your channel that you are big Drag Race fans , is there anyone on there who inspires you or your drag style?img_2896

I was inspired to try drag seriously because of season 3 winner Raja who I found to be so refreshing in her approach to basically everything. I got to sit and have the longest chat with her a few years later and tell her how cool I thought she was. She’d be a celebrity dinner party guest choice for sure.

What are your thoughts on Drag Race UK? Would you consider applying ?

I’m so excited to see how they approach Drag Race UK because for the longest time I said I didn’t believe it would happen because the culture/humour is so wildly different over here. I don’t think anyone wants to see this beast on an HD TV.

Do you enjoy performing in drag ? Do you prefer to sing live or lip sync and do you have a favourite song to perform to ?

I prefer to lip sync because I rarely sing well I can never pick a smart song I always go for something wildly out of my range and I sound like a prize moron. My favourite things to lip sync to are super dramatic songs like Demi’s “Heart Attack” or “Give Your Heart A Break”.
Have you had any memorable moments in your drag career that stand out ?

I’m most know for a viral video that Nova and I shot about 4 years ago which was a parody of My Strange Addiction where I acted like I was obsessed with being pieces of furniture. I think being recognised from that is still special today it warms my cold wooden table heart.

Where do you see your future in Drag going ?

I want to take my parodies and written comedy and have it crossover to TV with an actual budget so it’s not just shit thrown together round the house. I want to be like my generations French and Saunders.

img_2899Are you planning on going to Drag World in 2019? If so anyone your hoping on seeing there?

We are going to Drag World in 2019! We’re hoping to set up a big Novympia cult booth with lots of pills and kool-aid. I want to meet girls from round the country who I’ve only ever interacted with online like Blu Hydrangea, Fendi Laken and The Vivienne whose makeup skills I could never. I might stand to the side so I don’t look like such a heffer.

What advice would you have for anyone looking to start Drag who is unsure on how and what people would think?

If you want to start drag and you’re concerned with what people think then test the waters in your bedroom, play with makeup, take pictures, order a cute wig on the sly and just see what you think, build up your confidence. If you can do it safely then go to a bar in drag and live your life even if you tell yourself it’s just for that one time, you won’t regret it. Go with a friend though and take a cab for the love of god.


A massive thank you for Olympia for taking the time to answer these questions. If you haven’t checked out Novympia on YouTube on Instagram make sure you do. Find the links to both their social medias below.

Novympia  YouTube – YouTube

Olympia Instagram – Instagram Olympia

Nova Instagram- Instagram Nova



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