Tammie Brown

Tammie Brown is an American Drag Performer and artist who rose to fame after appearing on the first season of Ru Pauls Drag Race and Drag Race All Stars 1.

Your drag name , Tammie Brown, how did you come up with it?img_4634

It kind of was made up on the way to the club one night. We were doing the three-way calls, and a friend was named Bob Brown, and I just thought to myself that I could make Tammie Brown out of it! Oh Bob Brown, what a terrible name…

What is one of your favourite things about performing?

I like engaging with the people the most. To be honest with you, when I do live concerts of my own material I feel connected even more than when I do a lip-sync act.

img_4637How would you sum up your season one and All Stars 1 experience?
It was hell on heels, as one would say. Hell on heels. In fact, for standing on my heels for over five hours, one of my toes became completely black. Yeah. That means the nail fell off in two months. Uh huh. That happens I guess. Beauty is pain. But I would suggest wearing flats from now on. In fact, I bought some new flats and I continue to wear flats as long as they’re stylish. You don’t wanna look some kind of frump. Alright. I hope that answers your question. And regarding season four of All Stars, sure I would love to, just like Trixie Mattel would love me to, or the other fans out there who would love me to be on the show. I would suggest writing World of Wonder, the company who produces RuPaul’s Drag Race, and tell them that you want Tammie Brown to be on All Stars 4 or 5, and if they’re not, you’re gonna blow the place up just like Tyra Sanchez said she would. 


Your rose to fame after appearing on Drag Race, what is the one thing you took away from that experience?img_4638

Probably the global exposure. As a result of RuPaul’s Drag Race I was booked in London, Scotland and Glasgow, and then I was booked in Dublin. I took my bf with me, Michael, who is sort of a backbone to a lot that I’m doing, and we wound up in Paris on the street busking for some extra money. I saw this skateboarder go by me and we sort of locked eyes you know, and he turned to me as he was skating away and said, “Oh Tammie I love youuu!” We were on that love lock bridge, and there were people who came up to me from Mexico, who knew me from being in Mexico, and they were coming up and asking for pictures and things, and we were in Paris, France! Pretty neat-o, you know? The exposure is great, and it’s also given me a way to share my #queenswithacause hashtag which has been great — I’ve really been pushing for animal rights and for human rights, actually. I’ve also been able to enlighten a lot of people about issues, and they’re happy because I’m expressing myself fully and that kinda lets them feel like they can also fulfill their mission.

img_4639What advice do you have for anyone thinking about starting drag?

Do what ever you want, so many new queen are all about looking fishy but if you want to wear a blue wig and green lipstick do it! Do what makes you feel comfortable and is fun for you , drag is meant to be fun! You should be excited to do it!..


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