Miz Cracker

The other night I went to go see Miz Cracker’s show “It’s Time!” and I was also kindly allowed to ask her a few questions prior to the show via Instagram . I asked around to see if anyone had any questions they wanted asking and here is what was said.

Your show tonight ( It’s Time ) how would you describe it? What is it about?cracker2

It’s a story about five addictions but not all are substance addictions. It’s for anyone who has ever struggled with anything. So it’s not like most one-woman shows, where half the story is about my drag, It’s a real story! I’m often asked about where do my stories come from? and the answer…? They’re real stories from my life !!!

Has doing drag taught you anything about yourself?

Yes defiantly! I learnt that my surface is not me. Like the face that I have as a boy, the hair cracker3that I have as a boy, even the clothes that I wear as a boy they can all be easily changed with makeup, new clothes, and wigs.  As I can change all that when ever I learnt that how I look isn’t me.What’s important is the person that’s underneath it all. I learned that because I would walk down the block as myself as a boy and everyone would accept me or not even notice me. I would walk the same direction a few hours later dressed in drag and people would be screaming ‘Faggot!’ and other slurs. The only thing that had changed about me was the surface. They thought the first person was fine, but they thought the second person was unacceptable. I really needed Miz Cracker to have that lesson nailed into my head. I used to think that the way you look means something about who you are, but really the way you look is completely material and is unimportant.

Apart from the Queens in your season who would you say is your favourite?

They are gonna kill me if I don’t say them so Bob haha! In all seriousness having him as my cracker4drag mother has helped me so much and let’s just say she left me some very big shoes to fill.

What advice do you have for someone who is thinking of starting drag for the first time or just wants to experiment with it?

Hmmmm….the best advice I can give aspiring drag queen?.. Learn. To. Do. Drag!! haha. The reason I say that is because I see so many young queens and they are like, well I guess I’m going to quit my day job. It’s time to put out merchandise and start my website!, And im like nooo stop. Take dance classes. Perform. Learn to make wigs. Go to your friend’s house and learn to sew. Learn to cover all the basics. Once you learn to do drag, then promote your drag. But if you don’t know how to do drag yet, don’t promote it! Don’t put the cart before the horse.

I just wanted to take the time to thank Miz Cracker and the Holy T team for an amazing night and for letting me have this opportunity.

Miz Cracker and I

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